Welcome to Kasiki

Kasiki is a kiswahili word meaning "water jar". For many years Peter and Caryn have helped raise funds for Church World Service (CWS) through our local Foothills CROP Hunger Walk in Littleton, Colorado. Last February (2006) Peter and 11 other volunteers traveled to Kenya and Uganda to see how CWS uses the money to help people in East Africa through many different types of development programs. This February (2007) we are both going as volunteers. Peter will be using his expertise as a hydrologist to help CWS and local Christian partner agencies evaluate community water projects. Caryn will be assisting in the water efforts, and writing about the people we meet and communities we visit.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Arrived Nairobi

We're in Kenya! Staying at the Regency Hotel - pretty fancy for some mzumga like us. We almost didn't make it - our first flight out of Denver was delayed over an hour and we arrived at the same time as our Amsterdam flight was schduled to leave. But Northwest held the plane for Denver folks and we and our luggage made it all the way through.

We met another Peter sitting behind us on the flight across the Atlantic and he taught Caryn some kiswahili and told us not to eat beef (Rift Valley fever). He is a Kenyan and now a US citizen living in Illinois who is visiting his wife and newborn daughter. Amazingly, he ended up sitting next to us on the flight from Amsterdam to Nairobi.

The landing in Nairobi was a little interesting - as the plane swerved wildly down the runway (like Toad's wild ride). Peter B commented that the pilots must have been dodging potholes, which Peter from Illinois thought was hilarious.

We were greated at the airport by Andrew from Church World Service who drove us safely to our hotel. Thank you Andrew. To be continued...