Welcome to Kasiki

Kasiki is a kiswahili word meaning "water jar". For many years Peter and Caryn have helped raise funds for Church World Service (CWS) through our local Foothills CROP Hunger Walk in Littleton, Colorado. Last February (2006) Peter and 11 other volunteers traveled to Kenya and Uganda to see how CWS uses the money to help people in East Africa through many different types of development programs. This February (2007) we are both going as volunteers. Peter will be using his expertise as a hydrologist to help CWS and local Christian partner agencies evaluate community water projects. Caryn will be assisting in the water efforts, and writing about the people we meet and communities we visit.

Monday, February 12, 2007

First day on the job

Today we started out with Andrew and Tammy Mott, director of South Africa office of CWS, to Nairobi office of CWS. There we went over plans for the next several days with CWS staff members. Looks like a good plan!

Caryn interviewed Wahu Kaara (pictured) who is running for president of Kenya. She had come to Denver to speak last September for the Harvest of Hope dinner in support of the Africa Initiative.

Wahu shared some great ideas including the wild one that those who seek power should seek it to serve the people. Also, she commented that one of the greatest sins of our times is the existence of street children in the world. Caryn will write about her and share the article, if you like.

Tried to visit a government official concerning environmental assessment requirements in Kenya, but he went into a meeting when we arrived a bit late and was unavailable after that. Peter will try again tomorrow while Caryn goes to The Women in Strength Program.

While driving around Nairobi, we remarked on Andrew's skill. Peter indicated he would love to drive, but would need a car already with dents. Caryn said she could also drive in Nairobi - in her dreams, or nightmares. Peter decided that Nairobi needed bicycle taxis instead of matatus. He will discuss this with business student Robin. The new business will be called Boddie's Boda Bodas.

Ruth Mukunga, Wanji's sister, came to our hotel and met Peter. We passed on the aforementioned keyboard and other things. (Caryn had crashed due to jet lag and missed the visit.)

We picked up a book Peter had been wanting to read at Denver International Airport before we left. Caryn started reading upon waking in a state of discombobulation, and found it good reading. It was written by the head of the human genome project, Francis Collins. Published in 2006, it is The Language of God: A Scientist Makes the Case for Faith.